Why Lansdowne


At Lansdowne Financial – we are building a business that we believe is unique. We are not a firm of solicitors or accountants looking to sell additional services. Rather we network with our own trusted advisers built up from operating businesses in Australia over the past 30 years, and then refer you to whoever we believe can best meet your needs. Our business is about providing you with the commercial and business support to help you grow and succeed in the Australian environment.

Flat Fee

Our fees are competitive and based on a flat rate per annum. No hidden extras or surprises

Trusted & Experienced

With over 30 years experience operating in Australia we are known and recommended for what we do


We help you build a network of trusted business associates and service providers in the Australian market

Some of the things we do differently

A flat fee

Our fees are competitive and based on a flat rate per annum. Occasionally, business needs dictate a heavier involvement or greater support from Lansdowne, however no additional fees are added. No hidden extras, no surprises.

After hours support

Time-zones in Australia are at best difficult compared to the rest of the world. Lansdowne has the capacity to provide support out of hours and can generally find communication windows within normal business hours in European, US and Asian markets. Whilst most communication is via email, phone/video conferencing can be easily accommodated.

Bank account opening

Opening a bank account has become particularly difficult for overseas-based companies due to ever-increasing regulation as a result of anti-money-laundering and counter-terrorism concerns. We will take the lead in navigating through the maze of complexity that can dramatically slow the process of getting your business established.

Mailbox services

Lansdowne has a physical address in North Sydney Business District that can be made available to all clients requiring mailbox forwarding and a physical address for their Australian operation.

24 Hour Cost-effective foreign exchange transactions

Whether transferring funds to Australia or repatriating overseas, mainstream banks charge high transaction fees in both directions. Apart from their stated fees and charges, the exchange rates used are often several percentage points away from the true spot rate.
We partner with a leading independent FX clearing house with a proven track history in cost-effective foreign exchange transactions. Initially focused on Australian markets, they are rapidly expanding with offices now in six countries strategically located around the globe and offering FX dealings in 55 currencies. Check out their rates here: http://www.ozforex.com.au/?pid=1827

We're interested

We love having new innovative companies expand into the Australian market. We take an active interest in your business and will do whatever we can to assist in its growth. We often network our contacts or other clients where we can see opportunities that will benefit one or the other – and often both!

Our passion

We want you to succeed and to partner with you in that success. We are prepared to invest our time, our energy, our passion, into helping you fast-track your business growth and avoid the inherent risks and pitfalls. In time, we will happily take on a more active role promoting your business to potential alliance partners, distributors, key staff etc. as we learn more about your business, what drives it, and the people involved.

Client referrals

We appreciate and are proud to say that most of our business comes from client referrals and we pride ourselves on being reachable, value adding and efficient.

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